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No one knows your baby like you, and KODOMO.

Using finest ingredients and safety fragrance that is tested to International Dermatological Standards, KODOMO Baby Care range offers the tender loving care for your precious little ones, bringing on their happy smiley faces and total peace of mind that every loving mother is looking for.

KODOMO, for happy babies and loving mums.

Baby Bath

• Formulated with naturally derived cleansing ingredients to care for babies’ delicate skin.
• pH-balanced. Soap free, Paraben free, Alcohol free, Mineral Oil free, Lanolin free, Colourant free.
• Keeps babies smelling fresh with safety fragrance tested to International Dermatological Standards.
• Also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.
• Available in 3 variants (2 sizes): Mild & Natural, Moisturizing and Rice Milk (1L Bottle, 650ml Refill Pack)

Conditioning Shampoo

• Enriched with Vitamin B5 which is known for nourishing and conditioning properties
• Includes Chamomile extracts to promote healthy & shiny hair
• pH-balanced, does not irritate babies' eyes and suitable for frequent shampooing
• Available in 750ml Bottle

Hair & Body Wash

• Gentle, safe and convenient way to bathe and shampoo your child in one easy step
• pH-balanced with Natural Extracts from plants
• Clinically proven to have no irritation to skin, scalp and eyes
• Suitable even for babies' sensitive skin
• Available in 400ml Bottle

Baby Lotion Powder

• Smoothes on as velvety lotion that dries quickly and transforms into baby powder with its unique "Dust-Free" powder formula
• Absorbs dampness, leaving a smooth, satin-like powder after-feel
• Clinically proven non-irritating to skin with Anti-Rash and Moisturizer
• Ideal for use after bath and during diaper change
• Available in 200ml Bottle

Baby Powder

• Made from purest and finest high quality talc for smooth, satin-like feel on skin
• Anti-rash formula tested to be non-allergic, offering soothing protection from external irritants
• Keeps babies free from dampness and perspiration
• Available in Twin Packs of 50g and 500g

Cooling Adhesive

• Offers fast, safe cooling relief from fever discomfort for 8 hours through the night
• Special adhesive material provides strong adherence and yet gentle to skin
• Available in 2 variants to cater for the whole family: For Children and Adults (box of 6 sheets) and For Babies (box of 6 sheets)

Cleanser for Baby Bottle & Accessories

• Effectively removes bacteria, milk stain and odour in baby bottles, nipples, toys and other infant accessories to maintain high degree of cleanliness
• Made from natural ingredients that are mild & gentle to skin and safe for babies
• Can also be used on fruits & vegetables
• Available in 750ml Bottle

Baby Wipes

• Alcohol-Free, Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free and Soap-Free
• Made from high-quality, tear resistant, non-woven fabric for an ultra-soft cloth-like feel
• Gently cleanses without stripping skin's natural moisture with pH-balanced formulation
• Suitable for both babies and adults
• Available in 2 variants: Refreshing (70s Triple Pack) and Moisturizing (64s Triple Pack)

Baby Laundry Detergent

• Singapore No. 1 Baby Laundry Detergent*
• Developed with pure and safe ingredients that effectively removes milk, food, urine and fecal stains from babywear
• pH-balanced formula that is gentle to baby's delicate skin
• Leaves lingering fragrance after wash
• Available in 3 variants: Nature Care (2L Bottle, 1L Refill Pack), Extra Care (1L Refill Pack) and Low Suds (900ml Refill Pack)

*Based on Nielsen Retail Audit as at MAT Sep'17 for Baby Laundry Detergent Brand

Baby Laundry Softener

• Unique Soft & Dry formula that enhances the softness of fabrics to help it absorb sweat and dampness
• Keeping your baby dry and comfortable all day long
• Available in 1L Bottle and 800ml Refill Pack

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