Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent

Do you wonder why despite diligent daily washing, your clothes never seem to get really clean? Sometimes odour can still be detected on your clean laundry even after just washing. There could be invisible stains remaining on your clothes. With Singapore’s hot and humid climate, and living the active lifestyle, one is inevitable to perspire and leave behind stains onto clothes, even without us noticing!

Invisible stain refers to stain that can be colourless at the time of contact with the fabric or disappears when it dries up. But unfortunately, the stain is still there, hidden deep in the fabric. Stain trapped inside clothes fibres are difficult to be removed. When it build up in your clothes, stubborn odours as well as dullness and yellowing in clothes occur even after being washed.

In line with Lion’s corporate philosophy to provide superior products that offers solution in the daily lives of people, Lion leads in with Smart Living through Lion Japan Nano-Washing Technology by introducing a new range of ultra-concentrated product which sets a new performance standard in the laundry category.

TOP, No. 1 Brand for Total Laundry Detergent in Singapore, is pleased to introduce TOP NANOX Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent, which provides practical solutions to laundry problems and lifestyle challenges of today’s consumers in Singapore.

TOP NANOX Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent features excellent detergency to remove tough stains and invisible odour-causing stain* trapped inside clothes fibres for a deep inside clean

With Lion Japan Nano-Washing Technology, it uses proprietary high-detergency plant-based washing ingredient MEE+, that deeply penetrates into clothes fibres to break down stains to the nano level to be easily washed away, hence achieving a more superior washing performance results compared with ordinary liquid detergent. — with 4 times less washing dosage#!

TOP NANOX Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent is suitable for Indoor Drying, and also comes with Anti-mite dust formula, to remove 99.9% of mite dust from your laundry**. It is suitable for both top-loading and front-loading machines, and can be use on a Quick Wash cycle and One Rinse cycle mode^.  


+Methyl Ester Ethoxylate *Invisible stain refers to common body oil #Compare to TOP Liquid Detergent in Singapore **Test conducted by ITEA, Japan ^Tested on washing machines in Japan

Deo Bright

- Prevents yellowish stains and restores original brightness
- Delivers superior deodorising after-wash effect
- Leaves a lingering refreshing citrus fragrance

Available in 450g Bottle, 360g Refill Pack New


- Provides anti-bacterial protection
- With 100% natural tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic benefits
- Leaves a fresh botanical fragrance

Available in 450g Bottle, 360g Refill Pack New

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Can the 2 variants be used at the same wash so as to have both the benefits?



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