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Build a Strong Foundation with Systema, the Gum Care Expert

Gum Care is the foundation of oral health. Poor gum care can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Some early symptoms of gum disease are bad breath, gums bleeding even with gentle toothbrushing, red and swollen gums. Using advanced dental technology from LION – Japan’s No. 1 Oral Care Company* for superior gum protection, Systema Complete Gum Care System helps you build a strong foundation. That means healthier gums, healthier teeth and a healthier you.


85% of Singaporean adults have some form of gum disease^
Scientific evidence shows that gum disease can increase risk of health conditions**. Healthy gums are the foundation of healthy teeth. To keep gums and teeth healthy, bacteria and dental plaque need to be removed everyday. The build-up of bacteria and dental plaque around the gums will lead to Gum Disease – an infection of the gums, supporting tissues and bones which hold the teeth. Left untreated, it damages the gum tissues, and no gums means no teeth!

Research shows gum disease not only affects your oral health but also increases risk of other health conditions. This mouth-body connection is the result of harmful bacteria triggering off health ailments in other parts of the body.

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Lion Discovered Anti-bacterial Agent — IPMP that Kills Bio Film

There are more than 400 kinds of bacteria in your mouth. Bio Film, main cause of gum disease, is a nest of gum disease bacteria where multiple bacteria live by sticking to the gum surface, making it tough to kill. Left untreated, Bio Film produces toxins, causing red and swollen gums which leads to gum pockets and gum disease.

First in Japan, Lion succeeded in the production of “GD Bio Film model” in Year 2003 to study the composition, structure and resistibility of antisepticizing ingredients of gum disease bacteria.

Using the “GD Bio Film model”, Lion Japan discovered the effect of anti-bacterial ingredient – IPMP that can aggressively attack, completely penetrate and destroy the Bio Film.

*INTAGE SRI, No. 1 Company in Oral Care Category, Value Sales, CY2018
^Source: Survey conducted by Health Promotion Board, Singapore in 2003
1. Periodontology 2000, Vol. 44, 2007, David. W. P, Nadine. B & Timothy C.N , 113-126; Bryan S.M & Robert D, 103-112; Brian L.M & Gloria L.O, 127-153

New Sonic Brilliant Black Toothbrush (Battery Powered)

Helps provide up to 7X better cleaning ability!

It has 40% thinner brush head, Charcoal Spiral Super-Tapered Soft & Slim Bristles & Sonic Wave Vibration!

Sonic Whitening Toothbrush (Battery Powered)

Restores teeth's natural whiteness through effective removal of teeth surface stain!

Sonic Toothbrush (Battery Powered)

Excellent cleaning Power! Advanced Sonic Wave Vibration combines with Super-Tapered Soft & Slim Bristles helps to remove 92% of plaque

Sonic Toothbrush Refills

Replaceable brush heads for Systema Sonic Toothbrush

Available in 4 head sizes: Brilliant Black, Whitening, Compact & Regular

Between Zeitaku Toothbrush (Made in Japan)

Unique Double Bi-level Super-Tapered Soft & Slim Bristles and wide brush head helps provide 1.4 times better plaque removal!

Haguki Plus Toothbrush (Made in Japan)

Recommended by Japan Dental Association! Super-efficient thorough clean and extra comfort on gums!

Super Thin Toothbrush (New Technology from Japan)

Super Deep Reach for Super Clean Teeth! 40% thinner brush head to help remove 7 times more plaque at back teeth!

3D Multi-Clean Toothbrush

3D Super-Tapered Soft & Slim Bristles provides 7 benefits for all round clean!

Gum Care Toothbrush

Super-Tapered Bristles for Super-Clean Teeth!

Provides superior cleaning with Super-Tapered Soft & Slim bristles while being 3X gentler on the gums

Sensitive Pro Toothbrush

Superior, gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth & gums with elevated inner bristles and extra soft outer-bristles

Super-Tapered Bristles for Super-Clean Teeth!

Action Toothbrush

Action Tip— Extra long ultra tip for advanced deep cleaning

Action 2X — Bi-level bristles for clean & shiny teeth

Super-Tapered Bristles for Super-Clean Teeth!

Anti-Bac Toothbrush

Charcoal-Powered Super-Tapered Soft & Slim bristles that inhibit >99.9% bacterial growth for fresh, clean teeth

Super Smile Toothbrush (for Age 8+)

Professionally designed to clean mix teeth and tender gums! Super Slim & Small Brush Head for better reach & effective thorough clean

Super Smile Toothpaste (for Age 8+)

Clinically proven to help provide 4X better gum protection*

Superior cavity prevention with fluoride (1000ppmF)

Gum Care Toothpaste

Clinically proven to help provide 4X better gum protection*

Proven to help kill 99.99% of bacteria that causes gum problems+ with IPMP (Anti-Bacterial Agent)

Gum Care Whitening Toothpaste

Clinically proven to help provide 2X whitening power & 4X better gum protection*

Provides superior Anti-Bacterial protection with IPMP(Anti-Bacterial Agent)

Sensitive Plus Gum Care Toothpaste

Clinically proven fast sensitivity relief^ & help to prevent gum problems* plus long lasting DentinSeal protection

Provides superior Anti-Bacterial protection with IPMP
(Anti-Bacterial Agent)

Gum Care Mouthwash

Alcohol-free with long-lasting gum protection

3D Expandable Floss

Excellent plaque removal power while gentle on gums for deep, thorough clean

Interdental Brush 8's

Convenient refill pack for your daily interdental cleaning

Available in 2 brush sizes: Small & Medium

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