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TOP, Singapore’s No.1 Total Laundry Detergent brand* introduces TOP NANOX Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent (Made in Japan) that features 1000X stain-breaking effect+ and 4X Less washing dosage# for effective and efficient cleaning performance, while caring for the environment. The smart way to care for your family and the environment.


In line with LION’s corporate philosophy to provide superior products that offers solution in the daily lives of people, LION leads in with Smart Living by introducing
TOP NANOX Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent that bring another level of performance standard in the laundry category.

Using LION Japan Nano-Washing Technology, powered by high-detergency plant-based washing ingredient MEE**, TOP Nanox Ultra Concentrated Liquid Detergent provides 1000X stain-breaking effect+. The deep penetration and fast cleaning helps to remove odour-causing nano-stains++, achieving a superior washing performance results — with 4X Less washing dosage#

Comes in pH-neutral and anti-mite dust formula, it is also free of Phosphate and artificial brighteners, giving you peace of mind.

You can also care for the environment with TOP Nanox:

  • Suitable for Quick Wash Cycle and One Rinse Cycle mode^, saving on water and electricity
  • Reduce packaging waste with small bottles and environmentally-friendly refill packs

It is suitable for Indoor Drying, suitable for all types of washing machines.


*Based on NielsenIQ Retail Audit as at MAT Mar 2021.
Powered by high-detergency plant-based washing ingredient Methyl Ester Ethoxylate. "1000 times stain-breaking effect" means breaking down stains into 1000 times smaller size.
**Methyl Ester Ethoxylate
++Confirmed by lab test
#Compared to Ordinary Liquid Detergent in Singapore
^Tested on washing machines in Japan

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