Deodorizing Fabric Spray

Remove fabric wrinkles, Save ironing hassle!


  • A multi-functional spray that helps to keep clothes looking neat and fresh smelling without the hassle of ironing.



  1. Pull up the pink stopper
  2. Hang the clothes, spray around 20cm from the clothes. For more wrinkled area, spray more (3-4 times for 20 square cm).
  3. Tug the clothes and leave it to dry after spraying.
  4. Push down the pink stopper after use.

Suggested amount: Spray 12 times for 1 jacket 
Suitable to use for wool, cotton, synthetic fabrics and hemp clothes. 
Please test on unnoticeable area before first use as it may cause stain or discolouration.

Results varies depending on clothes material. Do not spray on clothing while wearing it. Use only for purposes as indicated. Do not use on leather, fur, silk, rayon, tencel, waterproofed fabric and unwashable fabrics. Keep out of reach of children. If liquid comes into contact with floor or furniture, wipe immediately. If liquid gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if needed. Store in cool place and away from direct sunlight. 

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