Mama Magica

6 times faster grease removal^

Mama Lemon, No. 1 Dishwashing Liquid Brand in Singapore++, introduces Mama Magica Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid (Made in Japan) that has smart degreasing power for quick and easy dishwashing process, suitable for the modern lifestyle of consumers in Singapore.

Cooking for the family and bonding with friends over home-cooked meals are some of the best enjoyments amidst our busy lifestyle. We value this and have extended the enjoyment even to dishwashing.

In line with Lion’s corporate philosophy to provide superior products that offers solution in the daily lives of people, Lion leads in with Smarter Living by introducing a range of ultra-concentrated product which sets a new performance standard in the dishwashing category.

Using proprietary Lion Japan Nano-Washing Technology, Mama Magica Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid penetrates and breaks down grease into 1000 times smaller size# almost instantly at Nano level and is removed 6 times faster^, sliding off like water effortlessly. It has ultra-concentrated formula, 1 drop = 6 drops* and eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria+, yet safe and gentle on hands.

#Compared to Other Dishwashing Liquid in Singapore
^Compared to Other Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid in Singapore
*Compared to Ordinary Dishwashing Liquid in Singapore
+Tested by Japan KAKEN Center
++Based on Nielsen Retail Audit as at MAT Dec 2018.

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