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Building strong healthy teeth from young

Established since 1982, Kodomo helps children cultivate good dental habits to build strong healthy teeth from young. Using advanced dental technology from LION – Japan’s No.1 Children Oral Care Company*, Kodomo has specially developed a wide range of children oral care products for babies & children aged from 6 months to 12 years old. These products are available in cheerful animal designs and fruity flavours to make brushing a fun activity for children.


Milk Teeth Matters

There is common misconception that milk teeth are not important since it will be replaced by permanent teeth. The truth is: milk teeth play an extremely important role in the growth & development of every child. They hold the spaces for the growth of permanent teeth in future. Premature loss of milk teeth can lead to crowding of permanent teeth or crooked teeth that could impact your child's speech development and self-esteem. Yet, 4 out of 10 preschoolers in Singapore have severe tooth decay**, which can affect children’s general health.

How to take care of your child’s milk teeth

1.  Inculcate good oral care habits by brushing twice a day with:
• Kodomo soft-bristled toothbrushes for thorough cleaning while gentle to gums
• Kodomo fluoridated children's toothpaste to protect teeth against cavities effectively

2. Practise good dietary choices

3. Visit the dentist twice a year from age one or within the first 6 months of the eruption of tooth

*INTAGE SRI, No.1 Company in Children Oral Care Category, Value Sales, CY2019
**Source: Community Dental Health 2009 Mar; 26(1):12-7, Department of Preventive Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore

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