Kirei Kirei

Kirei Kirei, the No.1 Hand Soap in Japan*, means Clean Clean in Japanese.

Using Lion Japan’s advanced technology, Kirei Kirei offer a range of high quality anti-bacterial products - Foaming Hand Soap and Foaming Body Wash.

Rich creamy foam is instantly dispensed and with anti-bacterial ingredient IPMP^, it helps to provide safe and superior all-round
anti-bacterial protection for your family yet being gentle to skin.

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap cleanses more thoroughly and effectively than ordinary liquid hand soap:

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Body Wash offers a brand new showering experience with instantly dispensed rich creamy foam.
Providing a more thorough yet gentler cleansing experience (as compared to ordinary liquid body wash), helping to reduce skin irritation.

^IPMP refers to Isopropyl Methylphenol *Japan’s No.1 Hand Soap Series INTAGE SRI, Hand Soap Value Sales CY2019

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