Skin's Natural Power素の力 UP!

Shokubutsu's ‘素の力’ formula helps to melt away the stresses of modern living. Lack of sleep, work-related stress, pollution, bacteria and air conditioned environments can damage the skin and cause premature ageing. Shokubutsu's unique formula with PCA-NA, a natural moisturizer in skin, works together with the revitalizing power of natural extracts to give you moisturized, healthier skin. Ready to cope with the strains of everyday life.

Take Control of your Life and Feel the Power Today!

Shokubutsu Body Foam is available in 4 range for your different needs:
• Radiance: Helps to brighten the skin
• Anti-bacterial: Helps to purify the skin and provides anti-bacterial protection
• Men: Helps to provide deodorizing and anti-bacterial protection

Also available in Facial Foam and Men Hair & Body Wash

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